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Get Involved

The British Cycling National Youth Circuit Championships is organised entirely by volunteers who promote youth cycling, whether it be for participation or high level racing

The organising group, is led by Johnstone Jets Youth Cycling with the support of Renfrewshire Council and other local cycling clubs in the Renfrewshire area and Scotland as a whole


As you will appreciate, an event such as these Championships requires a large number of volunteer marshals (We estimate approximately 50 over the course of the day). If you or your organisation wish to assist then please contact drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Even if it is only for a couple of hours, we can virtually guarantee you a ringside seat (standing place) to watch the action and assist with the event



Hosting the British Cycling National Youth Circuit Championships in Paisley this summer will attack visitors to the town from all over Britain

Whether its accommodation, eating, drinking, shopping or visiting places of interest, Paisley and the surrounding area of Renfrewshire will be the focus of Youth Cycling in july

We already have the support of a number of local businesses. If your business, whether it's local or further afield, wishes to get involved in supporting Paisley2015, please contact Pauline at our Communications Team The email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Go-Ride in Scotland

What is Go-Ride?

Go-Ride is Scottish Cycling's Club Development Programme aimed at improving both young riders and clubs. It focuses on volunteers and young members - improving coaching standards and increasing the number of young riders with access to coaching activities.

Go-Ride supports the creation of school-club links, which helps provide clubs with a constant influx of new young members and helps everyone work towards our shared vision of more young people, more active, more often in cycling.

The success of Go-Ride is dependent upon partnerships between Scottish Cycling, clubs, schools, local authorities and voluntary organisations Further details on Go-Ride 

Local Clubmark Affiliated Youth Cycling

The Johnstone Jets is the youth section of the Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club which has been at the heart of the Renfrewshire cycling community since 1926.

The Jets were formed as a British Cycling Go-Ride Club over the winter months of 2007-08 and received their Clubmark Quality Accreditation in September 08.

The Club currently has 12 British Cycling qualified coaches with additional training in First Aid, Safeguarding and Protecting of Children and Enhanced Disclosure.

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